We design customer touchpoints to align with customer journeys.

Service Design for Experience

Our market and design research capabilities allow us to understand the way client touchpoints work together to provide an ecosystem for the journey of customers, from their initial awareness of your brand offering as consumers, to the value delivered in using your services and remaining loyal over time as a customer.

The touchpoints supporting customers in purchasing or using products and services increase in effectiveness when their design is aligned, regardless of the channel involved. Whether the touchpoint occurs in a brand community or social network, an online eCommerce transaction, in self-service, a contact support center, a supply chain relationship, or some other channel, matters less than designing the service journey involved and aligning it with your business infrastructure.

Effectively using services means customers easily learn what the service does, or does not do, how to use it, and what added value it provides for them and you.

Cclues designs services that map touchpoint interactions to the needs of customers who,

  • use your product and consume a product-driven service (such as automobiles, cell phones, etc.)
  • purchase a product (such direct consumable products such as coffee or frogurt)
  • consume a standalone service (such as medical or financial serivices)

Whether clients need new services designed, or an existing service experience optimized across multiple channels, our design services provide results your customers recognize as valuable, and consumers recognize as exemplary of your brand.